SEO Software to Trap the Spiders

What exactly the SEO software does?

SEO software begins with the following assumptions

  1. Checks the page that has number one position in Google
  2. Works in similar fashion and tries to be a bit better
  3. And you are placed on number one position

SEO software then examines all the parameters of SEO that it identifies about the website having number 1 position in google. Then SEO software imitates it for your website automatically.

SEO is beyond the approach of software

SEO is the tactics of ranking number one position in various search engines for any of the keywords chosen.

Spiders position a particular website as number one because spiders consider that site deserves the number one position. Of course we know spiders are not capable of thinking. The programmer is the person who writes a program for the spider to identify as which stie is the best.

Now if you think you can write a program for the spider same as how a programmer can do, means you have the right knowledge to position your site at number one position. The same thing is what software used for SEO does, which knows how to handle the parameters that place a particular site at number one position.

Drawbacks of a software - approach for SEO campaign

Suppose you identify the necessary parameters required to rank a particular website at number one position. You manage to set all parametes right for your website and even manage to get number one rank.

Now the question arises, whether your site is deserving to be placed on top position. It it is then is fine. But if users complain that your website doesn’t deserve to be at number one position, then the search engine is to be blamed for this reason.

It won’t take much time for google to identify that someone broke the necessary code of spiders. The spiders then get updated to deliver quality results for the visitors. This means it is the time when you need to upgrade your SEO software. It means you are behind the facts and not above them.

How to achieve number one rank?

Your site is at number one position because the site deserves it As per the logic of the spider this means

  1. Your page speaks regarding the keyword you want to optimise
  2. Your page consists of a plenty of incoming links for the keyword you optimized Ideally, this is what number one ranking should be all about

SEO software is updated or not

Your software will be updated only when spiders software gets updated. Unless you write program for spiders, you will be always be left behind.

It is impossible for you to find out all the necessary paramaters that spiders takes into consideration, unless you write the program for the spider software on your own.

Some parameters you cannot change is website’s age. For example if the spider is suppose to make a choice between two websites: the oldest and SEO mimic then which one it will choose? The oldest website is the easiest choice and it is impossible for you to the change the website’s age.

Details about SEO software

** If you come across an advertisement that says that your website can be ranked in top 5 (Google ranking) in 30 days and if you feel its true then just check for this **

  1. Is the site that belongs to SEO software itself is ranked as number one in google for SEO software or SEO?

  2. The example websites mentioned by SEO software are ranked as number 1 in Google? It is quite easy to find out by typing keyword phrase as SEO software example site and check if they are at number one position or not?

And don’t get fooled by the ones that list several sites as examples of rankings at number one position in yahoo or msn. If you are looking for number one position in popular search engines for a long term, then starting with number one ranking on Google is the best idea.

So looking for number one position in Google first is the right approach to be ranked as number one in other sites. It is not guaranteed though, but the chances are high.

Always make sure that you get number one ranking for a particular word that others are searching for.

Whether you buy a SEO software or hire an online marketing or seo company make sure that you check seo examples that they have and if the examples are at number one position.

The time period for them to reach number one position The competition keyword phrase and check if the SEO software ranked no 1 for a particular keyword phrase

All the above can help you find out the right specialist or SEO software.